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Fast Lane, a leading provider of advanced IT training courses, offers complete authorised training solution for Cisco, NetApp, IBM, Symantec, and more. We help company gain and develop technology skills to cope with modern high-end challenges. After all, technology is the tool and only those who master it can capitalise on its benefits. Our customers and partners rely on us, for several good reasons.


  • Fast Lane is NetApp’s only worldwide Authorized Learning Partner
  • Fast Lane is the fastest growing Cisco Learning Specialized Partner (CLSP)
  • Fast Lane delivers courses using Authorized Vendor content - developed by our Vendor Partners (Cisco, NetApp, and more)
  • Fast Lane has developed a complete line of vendor independent Foundation Courses to prepare you for the most advanced technologies
  • Fast Lane has developed multi-vendor training that explores the combined technologies of Cisco, NetApp and VMware
  • Fast Lane uses Vendor Certified Instructors – even for our Foundation Courses
  • Fast Lane offers courses on the latest technologies using the latest hardware in the classroom
  • Fast Lane has a strict quality guarantee managed by a comprehensive evaluation system